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Empower your business with collaboration infrastructure that fits your company’s size, IT requirements and budget.

What Are Collaboration & Huddle Spaces?

A place where people meet and share ideas for small unplanned meetings. We are collaborating all of the time and often do not realise this is what we are doing. It can be sat across desks with a colleague over a coffee, it could be an informal meeting around a table, or it could be in a more formal collaborative space/huddle space or huddle room. What is certain is that some of the best and most innovative ideas are born out of these collaborations and the use of effective audio visual solutions is aiding this.

In summary, collaborative/huddle spaces:

  • Allow you to optimise office space
  • Create breakout and collaboration areas where you could not house a formal meeting room
  • Provide meeting solutions to those on a smaller budget
  • Promotes collaboration and fosters team working

Enhancing communication and collaboration with technology.

Designed to enhance communication and collaboration while removing the pain points that meeting rooms can bring to users, a huddle room should be intuitive, informal and reliable.

To achieve this, it’s important to have the right technology in your room. Nation Alpine provides a holistic room design that can deliver an optimal collaboration experience, including fully immersive video conferencing. The qualities of the Nation Alpine experience drive user adoption and return on investment. We also constantly monitors new developments and technologies so we can bring you the newest and best innovations.

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